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Great Plains Dental offers children’s dentistry in our Sioux Falls Office. Our dentists are trained to treat pediatric dental conditions within our kid-friendly office.

Kid-Friendly Dental Care

We work to ensure your child feels as comfortable as possible during their first visit. We have televisions in our treatment rooms with appropriate programming that helps them stay relaxed and entertained during their visit. 

Your child can expect the highest quality of care and a similar examination that a first time adult would receive. In addition, we look at growth and development stages and concerns for their age. At the end of the visit, we thank them with a prize and/or balloon for their cooperation! 

We Provide The Following Dental Services For Children: 

Every month we have a drawing for any kids that visit our dental office to help keep their teeth healthy. The winner of the monthly drawing gets a Kids Sonicare Toothbrush! 

a child walks with dental hygienist Ali down a hallway at Great Plains Dental in Sioux Falls, SD
A dentist works with a young patient at Great Plains Dental in Sioux Falls

We Help Make Your Priceless Smile Affordable

Great Plains Dental accepts most dental insurance plans. Our staff will work with you to understand your plan’s benefits and submit claims to your insurance company. If you don’t have dental insurance, we accept major credit cards and can also create a payment plan that fits into your budget. Putting off dental care may end up costing you more in the long run, including your smile.

Questions? Contact our billing office or call 605.339.2955.